mich-HoMMichelle grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where after a year of working she attended Sydney University and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) [preceded by a little taste of Rehabilitation Counselling]. In her 4th Year of Uni she visited her sister in a remote village in Tanzania, Africa where she returned with a group of 5 friends after finishing her degree. Whilst in Tanzania Michelle volunteered at local orphanages teaching children to speak English. As a group they raised well over $20,000 in donations. She left a little piece of her heart there in the little village in Mwanza.


It was in Tanzania that Michelle’s love of photography really took flight, using photographs to make cards to raise money for the orphanage and having the privilege of going on safari in the Serengeti – still Michelle’s favourite place on earth. She has since continued to develop her love of photography, especially for unique scenes and black & white pictures.



Back home in Sydney, working as a paediatric occupational therapist led Michelle to start her own private practice where she worked for 5 years. Michelle continued her studies, completing a Graduate Certificate in Loss, Grief & Trauma Counselling which she found helped her connect more deeply with her clients. Continuing to work with children, but also working with adults, Michelle rediscovered the need for all of us to express our creativity and have more leisure time… And that sparked the change in career in late 2014 to Web Designer/Artist/Photographer. 


Michelle took drawing classes with John Wells in 2014 and rediscovered her love of being creative on a number of different levels. Michelle has studied Web Design & has formally been building websites since 2015.


Michelle grew up believing “If I can touch one life and change it somehow for the better, mine will have been a life worth living”. Whilst this belief drove Michelle to become a therapist (occupational therapist & counsellor) and her practice allowed her to help individual clients, she always had a bigger worldview – rekindled by her time in Africa – that the more people she could connect with & help, the greater the possibility of a better world for all. Not because Michelle believed she had anything special to give – quite the opposite – Michelle believed she had nothing to give, except her ability to connect with and understand people.


And that is how she has come to this place.



Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the world of Michelle O’Sullivan Creative.