Helping  you 


obstacles in 

 daily life

As an Occupational Therapist experienced with hypermobility conditions I can assist you across all areas of life.

How does hypermobility impact      your life?

That is our focus.

My role is to help make life easier by assisting you
to implement changes.

Take you from this
To this

The Therapy Model I Work From

1. Assessment

Individual, personalised assessment of your hypermobility condition, impacts and needs across all areas of life

2. Recommendations

+/- Report, recommendations are made about ways to manage your condition more effectively, in line with your goals and your financial situation

3. Implementation of recommendations

Once you know what you need to do to improve or maintain your situation, it is time to take action & follow up on the recommendations that have been made specifically for you

4. Group Connections

All clients are welcome to join the Hypermobility Connect Facebook Group which is facilitated by Michelle O’Sullivan, OT

5. Online Education

Over time there will be an increasing number of eCourses available to clients to continue educating themselves about their condition & how to manage it effectively

  • Diagnosis
  • Education
  • Management

Living well with hypermobility involves diagnosis, education and management. A doctor will make a diagnosis. My role is to help educate & assist you to manage your condition.


Offering Face to Face & Online Services

face to face

Face to Face Services Duration Cost Concession
Face to Face Assessment with Report 2hrs

+ 1hr report

$460 $410
Face to Face Assessment (no report) 2hrs $320 $270
Face to Face Assessment, Report + Ring Splinting 3hrs

+ 1hr report

+ 30 min ordering

$640 $590
Face to Face Assessment (no report) + Ring Splinting 3hrs

+30 min ordering

$480 $430
Ring Splinting #1 1hr

+ 30 min ordering

$180 $150
Ring Splinting #2 0.5hr






Follow Up 1hr $160 $140
Letters, Reports, Paperwork Per Hr $160 $140

AS AT: 1 May 2021, not currently offering home visits.


If you are outside the service area and can travel, Michelle can see you at a clinic space in Brookvale.

**NOTE: If you are in Sydney and have a Medicare (EPC/CDM) referral or Private Health Insurance and require both an assessment and splinting, it may be better for you financially to book two seperate appointments on different days, so that you can claim rebates for two sessions instead of just one. Please book these at least one week apart. 


Online Services Duration Cost Concession
Online Assessment with Report 2hrs

+ 1 hr report

$450 $400
Online Assessment (no report) 2hrs $320 $270
Follow Up 1hr $160 $140
Letters, Reports, Paperwork Per Hr $160 $140