Follow Up


Assessments give people the chance to get a big picture overview of where things are at with their condition. The aim is to look at where things can change to help you improve your quality of life. We will look at functioning in day to day activities (ADLs), make recommendations for therapies, adaptive equipment, splinting and other necessary & helpful changes.

The aim here is that you follow up these recommendations with your GP, physiotherapist and other treating team. I am available for limited follow up to clarify any of the recommendations, or provide specific interventions as outlined in your report. If you don’t currently see one of the types of professionals I recommend, I will do my best to help you find someone appropriate in your area.

A lot of the education that I previously provided in follow up sessions will soon be available via online courses, and occasional face to face workshops. This frees me up to see more people for their “big picture sessions” and get them on their way to living a more satisfying life with their condition.