Online Appointments


The Online Advantage

Online appointments allow Michelle to reach more people in need. There are so many people across Australia & internationally who are in need of guidance on how to manage their condition. Most don’t have access to an Occupational Therapist with specific experience in hypermobility management, like Michelle.

How Do Online Appointments Work?

When you book your appointment through the bookings website you are prompted to leave details of the best method for us to connect online. Currently our options are Zoom, FaceTime and Vsee.

At the allocated appointment time, please be logged into your mail account & the nominated program or app. A connection will then be made by me (Michelle). I ask that you have your mobile phone handy as well, in case connection issues occur and troubleshooting needs to happen.

From there, we proceed like a regular appointment would, with introductions, you giving me a bit of a run down of why you made the appointment and what you’re hoping to gain. We then go through a bunch of questions that help me to gain insight into your situation.

Depending on your selection, recommendations are either made verbally for you to write down, and a short summary email will be sent confirming what we talked about, or a report will follow depending on your selection.

Follow up appointments run the same way, but are more focused on problem solving and execution of the recommendations. Not everyone needs a follow up appointment.

Can I Get A Rebate On An Online Appointment?

Unfortunately for Medicare and Private Health Funds, the appointment cannot be claimed as it is not considered face to face.

NDIS participants with sufficient funding may be able to claim the cost of the consultation.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of the Online Appointment include:

  • Access to a national leader in hypermobility management from anywhere in the world
  • Not having to leave the house to get help
  • No driving or public transport involved
  • Schedule it in for a time that suits you