An occupational 

 therapist with 

 a passion 

 for hypermobility 

An occupational
therapist with
a passion
for hypermobility.

Unfortunately, I am on extended leave from client-related work. Please use OT Australia’s Find An OT service to find an OT near you.

Had a bit of a rough hypermobility-related journey?

You can breathe here. I have a unique understanding of hypermobility, and I will listen to your story.


Your unique story, including any challenges you might have had along the way, is important.

I am here to listen, and to help you create a plan to keep you moving forward.


Michelle O’Sullivan is a Registered Occupational Therapist, located in Sydney Australia. With a unique set of clinical skills, Michelle works exclusively with adult clients with hypermobility conditions. Her passion is to help people “live well with hypermobility”.

A diagnosis does not have to be the end of the journey; in fact, it should only be one step on the path to learning to manage a chronic condition. Appointments with Michelle help adults understand their symptoms, put pieces of the puzzle together and learn skills to live well with hypermobility.

What you can expect from Michelle:

  • Understanding
  • Validation
  • Warmth
  • Someone who listens
  • Professionalism
  • Significant professional experience
  • Personalised assessment & recommendations

Michelle understands that many people living with chronic conditions have had very difficult experiences with medical and health professionals. One of Michelle’s aims is to ensure you have a positive experience of healthcare.

Do you want to learn to manage your hypermobility condition more effectively?


Michelle’s work includes:

Hypermobility Connect
Hypermobility Health Professionals Network
My Bendy Body Living with Hypermobility

The Hypermobility OT

Short Biography
Graduating from the University of Sydney in 1st place, Michelle began her OT career working for a Not-For-Profit organisation with a largely migrant population. She continued her professional growth in paediatrics in a private practice with a large sensory focus.

Michelle authored and self-published the popular children’s book My Bendy Body: Living with Hypermobility, which has seen it translated in 3 additional languages.

While working part-time in general paediatrics, Michelle started her own private practice working solely with children & adults with hypermobility conditions (HypermobilOT). People began flocking from all over the country for a consultation with Michelle, leading to satellite clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Michelle created Hypermobility Connect, an online platform for people living with hypermobility conditions in Australia and worldwide. This has since grown into a thriving online community, a Hypermobility Health Professionals Network, and an education platform to launch in the coming months.

Michelle O'Sullivan Hypermobility Occupational Therapist

Working one on one with adults living with hypermobility & providing education to patients and professionals, book your consultation online today.

 Based in Sydney;



 Based in Sydney,